All the applications where cybersex is carried out can make use of the images that are transmitted and reach the hands of pedophiles.

Cybersex can also improve the quality of role play in MUDs and MMORPGs, giving characters more life-like characteristics and motivations. In fact, it is difficult to interpret a realistic relationship within a game without alluding to the sexual aspects of the relationship.

Some network games, like Red Light Center, are dedicated to cybersex and other adult content. These online games are often called AMMORPGs. In MUDs, virtual sex is called mudsex farmers only profiles. In some variants of TinyMUDs, particularly MUCKs, the English term TinySex, abbreviated “TS”, is quite common. See also yiff.

Cybersex can be used by writers of original fiction narrating in the third person. In this way, more realistic and sexually suggestive stories are obtained, with two or more people involved in the process. It can also be used by writers who want to write more realistic sex scenes, by exchanging ideas on the net.

Internet sex has also been used in psychotherapy to help people with shyness or insecurity problems. For example, some therapists have their patients practice seduction techniques in a chat room.

It is debated whether cybersex is a type of infidelity. Although there is no physical contact, critics argue that the strong emotions experienced can put added pressure on relationships, especially when cybersex culminates in an online romance. Just as there have been cases of marital commitments through the computer, there have also been cases of divorces caused by virtual sex.

Cybersex can lead to an addiction to the network, which is considered a cause of social isolation and a loss of productivity at work.

Some pedophiles are known to have resorted to cybersex with minors. In the course of these conversations, they sometimes try to send child pornography online or set up dates.

In the United States, some police officers pretend to be minors in order to catch pedophiles who try to arrange dates with them. This otherwise controversial practice has become popular among Internet users who do not work for the police, but who record conversations and upload them to a website, and sometimes report the incident to the police. One of these sites is Perverted-Justice.com.

There is also a network of adolescents and young parents who call themselves cyber angels, 2 and who dedicate their time in cyberspace to set traps and denounce pedophiles who act on the Internet.3

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